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Health Services through Dr-Online

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Step into the online realm and become a part of the network of virtual medical offices/clinics! 

Communicate easily and efficiently in a secure environment through your dedicated patient portal. 

Just a click away, anytime, anywhere!

Pentru medici

Doctors / clinics

Dr-Online telemedicine app now places full control in your hands. Discover more than just a platform for secure video-text consultations.

Pentru pacienti


Dr-Online’s telemedicine app takes your doctor-patient relationship to the next level. No subscription, just pay for the consultation.

The simplest and most accessible telemedicine solution for both patients and doctors.

Effortless Appointments

Online Billing / Payments

Electronic Medical Records

Notes, Prescriptions, Referrals

Integrated Telemonitoring

Discover all the benefits of the Dr-Online platform

Discover all the benefits of the Dr-Online platform.

Dr-Online: Simply Telemedicine

We chose Dr-Online because it perfectly captures what we offer you. Everything is designed from the perspective of the doctor-patient relationship—worry-free, without compromises.

Likely the most advanced independent telemedicine platform in Romania!

Telemedicine has been practiced for over a century — it doesn’t replace medical treatment but complements it.

Caring for loved ones, reducing costs, saving time, and immediate availability make all the difference.

Partnerships for Doctors/Clinics

Produse Datecs

Fiscal Equipment

Every medical office, clinic, or hospital requires fiscal equipment.

We recommend the DATECS BC 50, which offers a 3-in-1 solution: a fiscal cash register, bank POS, and sales software.

Use the code DR-ONLINE when making a purchase from our partner’s website and enjoy a 10% discount.

Produse Linktop

Linktop Medical Devices

Linktop’s equipment will soon be available in online stores and pharmacies. They offer remote monitoring of 6 medical parameters at a very convenient purchase price.

The devices can operate independently on their own mobile app or within the Dr-Online app, being integrated into our platform.

Checkpoint Cardio Telemonitorizare

Remote Monitoring

As a member of EIT Digital and recognized in the TOP 3 innovations in Europe in 2018, Check Point Cardio provides real-time 24/7 monitoring capabilities.

It’s a professional telemonitoring system, perfect for cardiology, easily integrated with alert and intervention systems in hospitals or specialized clinics.

Division for Doctors

Our division dedicated to doctors promotes medical entrepreneurship, offering a unique example in the Romanian banking market.

Over 40% of doctors have chosen our products and services, and we continue to support them, contributing to their success stories.


StartCo is the digital platform where you can establish and manage your medical office entirely online.

From opening the company to billing and accounting, StartCo eliminates the hassle with paperwork and bureaucracy, giving you more time for what really matters: your patients. Plus, you always have access to specialized support, for any question or need you might have.

Video prezentare app for doctors


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