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Health Services through Dr-Online

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Step into the online realm and become a part of the network of virtual medical offices/clinics! 

Communicate easily and efficiently in a secure environment through your dedicated patient portal. 

Just a click away, anytime, anywhere!

Pentru medici

Doctors / clinics

Dr-Online telemedicine app now places full control in your hands. Discover more than just a platform for secure video-text consultations.

Pentru pacienti


Dr-Online’s telemedicine app takes your doctor-patient relationship to the next level. No subscription, just pay for the consultation.

The simplest and most accessible telemedicine solution for both patients and doctors.

Effortless Appointments

Online Billing / Payments

Electronic Medical Records

Notes, Prescriptions, Referrals

Integrated Telemonitoring

Discover all the benefits of the Dr-Online platform

Discover all the benefits of the Dr-Online platform.

Dr-Online: Simply Telemedicine

We chose Dr-Online because it perfectly captures what we offer you. Everything is designed from the perspective of the doctor-patient relationship—worry-free, without compromises.

Likely the most advanced independent telemedicine platform in Romania!

Telemedicine has been practiced for over a century — it doesn’t replace medical treatment but complements it.

Caring for loved ones, reducing costs, saving time, and immediate availability make all the difference.

Partnerships for Doctors/Clinics

Produse Datecs

Fiscal Equipment

Every medical office, clinic, or hospital requires fiscal equipment.

We recommend the DATECS BC 50, which offers a 3-in-1 solution: a fiscal cash register, bank POS, and sales software.

Use the code DR-ONLINE when making a purchase from our partner’s website and enjoy a 10% discount.

Produse Linktop

Linktop Medical Devices

Linktop’s equipment will soon be available in online stores and pharmacies. They offer remote monitoring of 6 medical parameters at a very convenient purchase price.

The devices can operate independently on their own mobile app or within the Dr-Online app, being integrated into our platform.

Checkpoint Cardio Telemonitorizare

Remote Monitoring

As a member of EIT Digital and recognized in the TOP 3 innovations in Europe in 2018, Check Point Cardio provides real-time 24/7 monitoring capabilities.

It’s a professional telemonitoring system, perfect for cardiology, easily integrated with alert and intervention systems in hospitals or specialized clinics.

Division for Doctors

Our division dedicated to doctors promotes medical entrepreneurship, offering a unique example in the Romanian banking market.

Over 40% of doctors have chosen our products and services, and we continue to support them, contributing to their success stories.

Video prezentare app for doctors


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