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For doctors and clinics, we continuously develop partnerships with specialized suppliers whose products and services can support and even advance their operations.

To access the special offers dedicated to doctors, simply click on the desired service/product, and you will be redirected to our partners.

Our partners

Produse Datecs

Fiscal Equipment

Every medical office, clinic, or hospital requires fiscal equipment.

We recommend the DATECS BC 50, which offers a 3-in-1 solution: a fiscal cash register, bank POS, and sales software.

Use the code DR-ONLINE when making a purchase from our partner’s website and enjoy a 10% discount.

Produse Linktop

Linktop Medical Devices

Linktop’s equipment will soon be available in online stores and pharmacies. They offer remote monitoring of 6 medical parameters at a very convenient purchase price.

The devices can operate independently on their own mobile app or within the Dr-Online app, being integrated into our platform.

Checkpoint Cardio Telemonitorizare

Remote Monitoring

As a member of EIT Digital and recognized in the TOP 3 innovations in Europe in 2018, Check Point Cardio provides real-time 24/7 monitoring capabilities.

It’s a professional telemonitoring system, perfect for cardiology, easily integrated with alert and intervention systems in hospitals or specialized clinics.

Division for Doctors

Our division dedicated to doctors promotes medical entrepreneurship, offering a unique example in the Romanian banking market.

Over 40% of doctors have chosen our products and services, and we continue to support them, contributing to their success stories.

Datecs logo

Datecs Fiscal Equipment

Bank POS and Payment Solutions

With our BluePad range, we offer a series of compact bank POS devices, notable for their ergonomic and modern design, easy to use in conjunction with other compatible mobile devices.

These are available in multiple variants, depending on the functionalities you need, with top bank POS models equipped with contactless card readers and the ability to connect via Bluetooth with other devices.


Linktop Products

Telemedicine within everyone’s reach!

Linktop has set itself the mission of making life easier and healthier by creating smart telehealth devices.

Using key resources in research and development, they have produced advanced and multifunctional medical and telemedicine solutions.

Checkpoint Cardio

Remote Monitoring with Checkpoint Cardio

Real-time remote monitoring, 24/7

  • 6-9 lead ECG
  • Pulse
  • Respiration
  • Blood Pressure
  • Position monitoring (movement, standing, lying down)

Location of the doctor or patient (hospital, outpatient) is irrelevant

  • Remote diagnostics
  • Automatic alerts
  • Automatic data analysis
  • Remote care
  • Panic button
  • Interactive call to doctors made directly from the application

Electronic Signature with Certsign Token

With the electronic signature token, you can easily and quickly sign any document with legal value, exclusively under your control through the use of the secure cryptographic signature creation device (token) and unique PIN code. And since any modification of an electronically signed document is detectable, attempts at fraud can be almost entirely eliminated, unlike the handwritten signature on paper.

Video prezentare app for doctors


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