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Your Virtual Medical Office, ready in 48 hours!

Your complete telemedicine service, just as you want it.

Manage everything: from referrals, appointments, and payments to reports, team member management, and online promotion.

Dr-Online is more than just telemedicine.

Dr-Online is a solution that delivers the utmost comfort to the doctor-patient relationship in a secure environment!

Introducing the Dr-Online telemedicine application for doctors.

Flexibility and Comfort

Quick access, from anywhere and anytime, via computer or mobile phone.

Your portal is your business card.

Pacients Portal

Here, your patients can create an account to stay in constant contact with you. Medical history, documents, monitoring are all at their fingertips.

Total Customization

Dedicated modules for look, profile, services, schedule, fees.


Time is the most precious resource. Enjoy the freedom to adjust your schedule as you wish.

Activity Organization

Forget the hassle of managing your schedule!

Balance your consultation times as you wish between the clinic, hospital, office, telemedicine sessions, or text messaging.

Work Hours

You set your availability and the time slots for offering face-to-face, online, or text consultations.


You determine the length of consultations, and patients choose the time slot that suits them best.


Patients can confirm, cancel, or reschedule appointments themselves, with 24/7 access.


Reduce the number of canceled or no-show appointments with confirmation/reminders.

Get your account on the Dr-Online platform


Notes taken during consultations, prescriptions with digital signatures, medical letters, reports, monitoring—all in one secure place.


You can take notes during consultations, create medical letters, issue prescriptions, and send lab/imaging referrals with electronic signatures and verification codes.


Generate medical or financial reports at any time, and keep a history here.

Waiting Room

Yes, consultations can run over… now you have a virtual waiting room.

Role Management

If you’re part of a team, you can assign different roles to colleagues or grant access only to pertinent information.

Schedule Planning

Set appropriate scheduling slots for video consultations to balance the clinic’s schedule with telemedicine sessions.

Interval Definition

Choose how long you want your telemedicine sessions to last. Define suitable time intervals for patient interactions.

Time Management

Confirm, cancel, or reschedule telemedicine appointments to match your availability, ensuring time is managed efficiently.


Minimize no-shows with confirmation of telemedicine appointments and reminders of upcoming sessions.


Choose to take control!

The highest-performing technology, now available at the lowest prices.


Special package created for 1 doctor

only 49 EUR
Pentru medici


Special package created for 3+ doctors

Each additional doctor added to the package incurs an extra cost of 15 EUR/month.

from 119 EUR


Special package created for 12+ doctors

Each additional doctor added to the package incurs an extra cost of 15 EUR/month.

from 349 EUR

No variable fee applied by the platform to the consultation price paid by the patient.

Minimal costs for video streaming – e.g., $0.157 + VAT for a 15-minute consultation.

Every subscription comes with the following benefits and additional options:

1. Premium Support

Complimentary assistance in setting up a personalized page for each clinic/independent medical practice, and you’re live within 48 hours!

2. Enhanced Security

Compliance with the security requirements for medical consultation data (legal standards now prohibit the use of Zoom, Teams, WhatsApp).

3. Social Media Integration

Whether it’s Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Instagram, your page can be integrated with any social media account of your choice.

5. Blog

Here, you can publish articles, interviews, or news from your field of expertise that you find relevant for your patients.

6. Testimonials

Patients can leave messages or testimonies about their experiences with you. Often, a simple “Thank you” says it all!

7. Integrations

Medical devices suggested by partners can help you monitor essential health parameters of the patient directly within the app.

Partnerships for Doctors/Clinics

Produse Datecs

Fiscal Equipment

Every medical office, clinic, or hospital requires fiscal equipment.

We recommend the DATECS BC 50, which offers a 3-in-1 solution: a fiscal cash register, bank POS, and sales software.

Use the code DR-ONLINE when making a purchase from our partner’s website and enjoy a 10% discount.

Produse Linktop

Linktop Medical Devices

Linktop’s equipment will soon be available in online stores and pharmacies. They offer remote monitoring of 6 medical parameters at a very convenient purchase price.

The devices can operate independently on their own mobile app or within the Dr-Online app, being integrated into our platform.

Checkpoint Cardio Telemonitorizare

Remote Monitoring

As a member of EIT Digital and recognized in the TOP 3 innovations in Europe in 2018, Check Point Cardio provides real-time 24/7 monitoring capabilities.

It’s a professional telemonitoring system, perfect for cardiology, easily integrated with alert and intervention systems in hospitals or specialized clinics.

Division for Doctors

Our division dedicated to doctors promotes medical entrepreneurship, offering a unique example in the Romanian banking market.

Over 40% of doctors have chosen our products and services, and we continue to support them, contributing to their success stories.

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