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Anywhere and anytime - close to your doctor!

Ask your doctor if they’re on Dr-Online or search here for doctors/clinics that have their dedicated patient portal and are already using the Dr-Online app.

Easy to use from any computer or directly from your mobile phone – everything just a click away!

100% Telemedicine through

Access your medical file (consultation history, prescriptions, referrals, test results, imaging, medical letters) or your family’s, anytime.

Connect with enrolled doctors/clinics on the Dr-Online platform for a video, text, or even in-clinic consultation. SIMPLE!

Choose the date and time for an online or in-clinic consultation

Doctors display their working hours, availability, as well as the cost of online, text, or in-clinic consultations. This gives you the freedom to schedule appointments according to both your and the doctor’s schedule – the appointment calendar is accessible at any time from the app.

You can update medical documents

As a patient, you can update/upload your medical test reports and other recent medical documents at any time to facilitate your consultation with your doctor.

Keep your family healthy by using Dr-Online

Easy Access Anywhere, Anytime

Consultations can take place directly through the web portal or the mobile app. This access is available to you and your doctor alike.


Once an appointment is made and confirmed, you will receive reminder messages before the consultation time.

How do you proceed?

Find the right doctor/clinic for you and your family and sign up directly on their portal.


Dr. Marius Toma
Medicina Interna
Str. Mangalia Nr. 66-72,Timisoara
Medicina Muncii
Str. Visinilor 100, Sector 2, Bucuresti
Psihiatru Eugeniu Avdeenco
Chisinau, Republica Moldova
Dr. Laura Leonte
Bucuresti, Sector 1
Dr. Eleodor Carstoiu
Pediatrics, Pediatric surgery
Craiova, Str. Nicolae Romanescu Nr. 6C, Etaj 2
Dr. Medi Hornea
Bulevardul 3 August 1919, Timisoara, Timis
Dr. George Diaconu
Splaiul Unirii nr. 313
Dr. Liviu Vasile
Obstetrics-Gynecology, General surgery
Str. 1848 Nr. 100, Craiova
Dr. Cristina Bogdan
Soseaua Bucuresti-Urziceni Nr. 193, Afumati, Ilfov
Dr. Cristina Bogdan
General medicine, Integrative Medicine
Str. Viselor Nr. 1, Vila 21, Balotesti
Dr. Adrian Golea
Family Doctor
Str. Arhitect Cezar Lazarescu Nr. 60, Valea Stanciului
Dr. Dana Tache
Bd. Nicolae Titulescu nr. 51, Craiova
Centrul Medical Dahma
Timișoara, Str. Preot Alexandru Balas Nr. 6-8
Multidisciplinary, Neurofeedback
Bucuresti, Str. Lt. Av. Serban Petrescu Nr. 20
Craiova, Str. 1848, Nr.100
Bulevardul DACIA Nr. 19, Sector 1, Bucuresti
Dr. Adelina Varciu
Bulevardul Decebal Nr. 2, Bloc 2, Parter, Bistrita
Dr. Diana Mihai
Bulevardul DACIA Nr. 19, Sector 1, Bucuresti
Dr. Emilia Stici
Chisinau, Republica Moldova
Dr. Sorin Stegarescu
Multidisciplinary, Integrative Medicine
Calea Plevnei Nr. 90
Dr. Florian Berghea
Str. Politehnicii Nr.4
Dr. Marius Nenciu
General surgery
Padina, Brasov
Dr. Alexandra Nicorescu
Oncological nutrition

LINKTOP Medical Devices

6-in-1 Remote Health Monitor
6-in-1 Remote Health Monitor
A smart and portable 6-in-1 remote health monitor designed to track 6 key vital health metrics.
Digital Otoscope
Digital Otoscope
The Linktop digital otoscope is a telemedical device for examining ears, featuring an HD camera, cold, shadow-free LED lights, and intelligent visual applications.
Digital Stethoscope
Digital Stethoscope
Conduct a professional examination of the heart and lungs from the comfort of your home.

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